The Ultimate Relationship Dilemma:

You and Your Partner Are in Love…
But You Just Can’t Get Along

The above dilemma is one of the most common reasons couples seek a marriage counselor.

While it might be reassuring to know that many couples feel torn in their relationships because of too much fighting, ongoing silent tension, and/or feeling disconnected from each other, it doesn’t make it any easier.

The truth is that relationships are challenging. That is one reason why the divorce rates are so high.

Common Relationship Problems

  • You don’t feel listened to or heard in the relationship.
  • You are afraid to talk about certain issues because you don’t want to make your partner angry or start an argument.
  • One or both of you say things when you are angry you later regret.
  • You feel deeply hurt by your partner and you don’t know what to do about it.
  • Intimacy is lacking or non-existent.
  • You need to recover from an affair or you suspect an affair.
older couple holding hands in heavy discussionCouple sitting together in counseling session with the counselor in the foreground

On some days things might hurt so much that you might feel like ending the relationship…

BUT…then you remember how much you love your partner and you just can’t imagine leaving.

You Don’t Want Your Relationship to End

Since you’ve found your way to my therapy website, I know that you want to work on your relationship problems with your partner.

You want to find a way to save your relationship from a separation or a heartbreaking divorce.

Hi, my name is Laurie Wender. I’ve been providing marriage counseling to couples in trouble for over 40 years (as well as child and parenting counseling).

I want to tell you what I have told hundreds of my couples therapy clients in the past…


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You Can Save Your Relationship

It doesn’t matter how troubled your relationship has become or how much pain you are in, you can turn your relationship around.

It may be hard to believe right now, but if you still love each other enough to get marriage counseling and are committed to making it work, I can help.

Many Years of Practicing as a Couples Counselor Has Shown Me
That Even The Most Distressed Couples Can Be Happy Again

Yes, I’ve helped hundreds of couples go from conflict and pain to harmony and happiness.

It takes a lot of love and a willingness to discover how to relate in more positive ways. It also takes understanding that you both must be motivated to working through your differences.

Conflict and distance are not the problem in your relationship—resolving the conflict and finding your way back to one another is the challenge you face.

This is where I’ll help.

Marriage Therapy Can Help You:

  • Resolve your disagreements in a healthy way.
  • Tell one another your feelings—even the most difficult ones-- knowing that you will be listened to.
  • Ask for what you need in the relationship without worry or fear that you won’t get it.
  • Be relaxed together and more loving towards each other.
  • Enjoy one another and share more happy times together.
  • Feel closer to one another, perhaps than you’ve ever felt before.
  • Improve the trust between you.
Young couple reconciling after counseling sessionSeated couple holding hands

It doesn’t matter how long you have been struggling or how long you have been together.

What does matter when you seek couples therapy is that you have a strong desire to have a better relationship.

You can have the relationship that you are longing for.

You just need to have courage to take the next step on the journey towards happiness.

Contact me now and we’ll have a phone conversation
about how I can help you solve your relationship problems.

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